Unemployment Extension 2010: Approved by United States Congress

Unemployment Extension 2010, the project dubbed for our calendar year by unemployed Americans, has been approved by the United States Congress today.The U.S. House approved extended unemployment benefits for about 2.5 million Americans Thursday.The Senate already has approved the bill after Democrats were able to overcome a Republican filibuster, and President Barack Obama is expected to sign it quickly, the Los Angeles Times reported.The vote in the House was 272-152.The legislation would extend unemployment benefits through November for Americans who have not yet used up 99 weeks of those payments, the report said. Benefits would be retroactive to late May when a previous extension expired.Republicans argued that the nearly $34 billion cost of the extension should be paid for with spending cuts, but Democrats said the 9.5 unemployment rate is an emergency.The Senate voted 59-39 in favor of the legislation. House leaders said the House will approve the measure Thursday and send it to Obama by the end of the day, The Washington Post reported.Wednesday's vote came one day after the Senate ended a long partisan stalemate, voting to end debate and move to a final vote on the $34 billion package. Republicans filibustered the measure repeatedly, insisting that the expenditure be offset in the federal budget cuts in spending on other programs.

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