Wyclef Jean Squanders Haiti Relief Money

Wyclef Jean’s relief charity Yele Haiti was found to have spent millions of its funds on questionable, non-charity related purposes, the New York Post reported Sunday.

According to the charity’s 2010 tax records obtained by the Post, Yele Haiti had only spent $5.1 million of the $16 million total donations on emergency relief efforts. The group allegedly paid five contractors to accomplish the relief efforts, one of which, known as The Amisphere Farm Labor Inc. in Miami, received $1,008,000.

But Florida State showed no current record of the company and only confirmed that the company’s head Amsterly Pierre has bought three properties in Florida last year. The current address of the company is now an auto-repair shop, who’s owner had never heard of Amisphere nr Pierre.

Another contracting company called Samosa SA in Port-au-Prince, was given $577, 185 but it was revealed that a portion of that fund was used to rent a ouse for the charity’s volunteers.

The charity, founded by Jean and his cousin Jerry Duplessis in 2005, had been under question in 2008 when it failed to file taxes with the IRS detailing its spending records. The charity had been struggling and by 2009 had lost $244,000. When the earthquakes struck Haiti in 2010, Jean received an outpouring of contributions following his plea for donations to help victims in Haiti.

Jean and most of the board members left the charity in 2010, which is now directed by Derek Johnson.

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