What is Obesity

Overweight and obesity are defined as having a body mass index [BMI] greater than or equal to 25 and 30, respectively. In children, the BMI is based on growth charts. Being overweight and obese occur when calorie intake is consistently greater than the number of calories burned through activity and basic metabolic processes.
Obesity is a Disease of the Brain We've all heard of the 12-step program called Overeaters Anonymous. But tell the truth ... do you really believe that obesity or food addiction belongs in the same category as alcoholism or drug addiction? Dr. James Cocores thinks so. "Sodium-laced and commercially cooked food which make up more than 60% of the average American's daily diet is eve...Read more

Obesity Causes

Weight Loss
Obesity: Is Over-Eating Always the Problem? When it comes to being overweight, eating might not be the cause of packing on the pounds. Some people, because of hormonal or metabolic imbalances, may actually eat less food than other people, but still cant lose unwanted extra pounds. However, there are blood and urine tests to identify and help with such problems. One cause of hormonal ...Read more

Obesity Risks

Anxiety Sufferers More at Risk From Obesity People suffering from common mental health problems like anxiety or depression are more likely to become obese, researchers said. The risks increase every time a person suffers an episode of feeling depressed or anxious. The research was carried out on more than 4,000 adults (3,122 men and 1,241 women) aged 35 to 55 who were followed for more than ...Read more

Obesity Symptoms

The onset of Overweight is usually gradual. Symptoms include: Increased weightThickness around the midsectionObvious areas of fat deposits It's important to remember that fat deposited in your midsection is as much of a health risk as increasing total body weight. If you are developing a thick midsection even though your weight is not going up, you may be losing muscle mass from disuse along with dangerous fat accumulation in your abdomen. This may place you at increased risk for heart (cardiovascular) disease.
Symptoms of Obesity The onset of obesity is usually gradual. Symptoms include: Increased weight Thickness around the midsection Obvious areas of fat deposits Its important to remember that fat deposited in your midsection is as much of a health risk as increasing total body weight. If you are developing a thick midsection even though your ...Read more

Obesity Treatment

Related Media: Overcoming Your Obstacles to Exercising Overweight is difficult to treat, and success rates are not high. Cultural factors, personal habits, lifestyle, and genetics all affect obesity treatment. The treatment and management of obesity involves major lifestyle changes related t...
Fighting Obesity:Kimchi Stew Recipe Kimchi, fermented Napa cabbage, has been a staple in Korean cuisine for centuries, and for good reason. According to several medical studies, the capsaicin in Kimchi spices has been found to not only regulate the digestion system and help you get fuller faster, but it also boosts metabolism and prolongs endurance, allowing you to exercise longer. S...Read more
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