Total Hip Replacements and Diabetes

Hip Replacements Have Big Benefits


A total hip replacement (THR ) has a number of benefits besides providing renewed mobility.

It also helps reduce the risk of heart disease, depression and diabetes.

Researchers who presented the study at the annual convention American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

They said the study broke new ground that THR confers a potential long-term benefit in terms of prolonged lifespan and reduced burden of disease in Medicare patients with osteoarthritis of the hip,” said lead study author Scott Lovald, PhD, a researcher at Exponent, Inc.

The researchers also found that:

*The THR patients had a lower mortality risk – less than 52 percent of that in the non-THR group.

*Heart failure was similar between groups in the first year, but there was a consistent reduced risk t three to seven years following surgery.

*THR patients had a reduced risk of diabetes at one and three years.

*THR patients had a reduced rate of depression starting at three years post THR surgery.

Finlly, the researchers said, the cost for all medical care was $82,788 for non-THR patients and $89,154 for THR patients.


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