Tips for Osteoporosis Weight Training

  • Strength Training

    Okay ladies, its time to get down to business! Lace up those shoes and slip on the spandex, because its time to hit the gym and get in some strength training. According to Shaw, women who participate in strength training increase their bone density in the spine and hips! Now thats worth breaking a sweat for.

  • Weight Training

    Shaw says that when women have strong muscles they can prevent themselves from taking a nasty tumble and getting osteoporosis-related fractures. It also helps to improve your coordination and balance.

  • The Bench Exercise

    What can you gain from sitting on a bench you might ask? Gina Shaw explains that there is a simple workout you can do by sitting on a bench with 5 pound weights strapped to your ankles. Then, you simply march in place, and you dont need to haul yourself over to a gym for this one. This will help to improve bone and muscle mass in your hips.

  • Personal Trainer

    Theres nothing wrong with working with a personal trainer, especially if hes cute. According to Shaw, personal trainers will know exactly how to give you the right kind of training, especially if you have any medical issues.

  • Sets and Reps

    Shaw suggests that you try and do one exercise for each muscle group, which would be about 12 different exercises. Make sure to do one or two sets of eight and 10 repetitions for each exercise. It might sound difficult, but just think of the bone mass you will be saving!

  • Using the Muscles Correctly

    When youre exercising a particular muscle, make sure your not using other muscles to compensate, according to Gina Shaw. Focus on the muscles youre supposed to be moving, and when you are exercising tighten those abdominal muscles. This will help protect your spine.