Which Type of Aspirin Works the Fastest?

If you need aspirin to work fast, a U.S. researcher says chewable aspirin shows greater and more rapid absorption.

Dr. Sean Nordt of the University of California in San Diego gave three types of aspirin to a group of volunteer research subjects: regular aspirin swallowed whole, regular aspirin chewed and swallowed and chewable aspirin chewed and swallowed.

Nordt, the study leader, tested blood levels of aspirin to see which route led to the highest aspirin levels in the body.

The chewable aspirin consistently showed greater and more rapid absorption than the regular aspirin -- whether swallowed whole or chewed.

This seemingly quite simple finding could lead to improvements in the care of heart attack patients, Nordt says.

Nordt presented the finding at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine annual meeting in New Orleans.

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