Having Children Later In Life

The Joys of Having Children Later in Life Most of the time, Annie and Mederic LeBlanc of Paincourtville feel like any other parents of a teenager -- even the peppy sort of parents who take a teenager and her friends to the beach. "We live in a small community," LeBlanc said. "We don't say to a child, 'Who's your momma and daddy?' We say, 'Who are your grandparents' because t...Read more

Parenting Teens

The High Cost of High-Tech Teens For Diane Matheson, the financial breaking point of keeping her teen in technology was the $360 her daughter spent to download music and horoscopes onto her cell phone. For "Ellen," who is too embarrassed to use her real name, it was back-to-back cell phone bills totaling $1,100 for her teen daughter's text messages and excess minutes. B...Read more

Parenting Through Divorce

Five Steps to Helping Your Kids Through Your Divorce Divorce can get ugly, especially when children are involved. It is critical to realize that these younger, powerless individuals are actually active participants in a divorce. The Institute for Equality in Marriage has developed the following tips to help parents focus on their children's well-being during this difficult process. 1. Keep Them Infor...Read more

Teaching Financial Success

How to Teach Your Teens Money Management From clothing to CDs to nights out with friends, teenagers sure know how to spend money. Help your own kids develop money-management skills with these tips from financial professionals and parents:Don't just give your teens an allowance. Instead, teach them to earn it by working around the house. "If kids work for money, they'll learn how good...Read more
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