What to do when your dog has diarrhea?
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If your dog has diarrhea and is not showing signs of dehydration, during the early stages you should fast the dog for 24 hours to allow the stomach to settle. After this time, introduce small portions of bland food, such as rice or chicken. If diarrhea subsides, gradually place dog back on original dog food. If the problem gets worse, see a veterinarian.

What is Diarrhea

Diarrhea is more than three loose, liquid stools in a single day. It depletes your body of fluids and electrolytes. Diarrhea can be:

  • Acute-occurring suddenly, and lasting briefly
  • Chronic-long-term
  • Recurring-occurring in recurrent episodes

If you lose too much fluid, you can become Dehydration. It is particularly dangerous for babies, young children, and elderly people.

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