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Enlarged Prostate

The Scoop on Enlarged Prostate QUESTION: I am 58 years old and recently went to my doctor because of some difficulty passing urine. He feels that I might have an enlarged prostate and has referred me to a urologist. What is likely to happen when I go for my clinic appointment? What does an enlargement of the prostate mean and what medical treatments are available to treat this c...Read more

Prostate Tests

The Key to Prostate Cancer? Early Detection Many men are reluctant to talk about or be checked for prostate cancer,but John Wyatt said early discovery saved his life.He wants to encourage other men to let go of their fear andembarrassment and get tested. "If you don't get yourself checked, the cancer will jump toyour bones, colon and kidneys, and you're dead," Wyatt warned. The pro...Read more

Prostate Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Freezing Prostate Cancer Does a Man's Body Good SAN DIEGO -- The so-called "male lumpectomy" -- a minimally invasive interventional radiology treatment for prostate cancer -- is as effective as surgery in destroying diseased tumors and can be considered a first-line treatment for patients of all risk levels and particularly those who have failed radiation, according to studies released...Read more

Prostate Drugs

Prostate Drug Cuts Risk of Cancer A drug already sold for other prostate problems significantly cut the chances of prostate cancer being found in men with an increased risk of the disease, doctors reported yesterday. In a large international study, dutasteride, sold as Avodart, lowered the chances of a prostate cancer diagnosis by 23 percent after four years of use. Tens of thousan...Read more
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