Which essential oils darken grey hair?
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Grey hair is normaly more porous than regular hair, and needs more conditioning, use a scalp formula for dry hair, and the essential oil sage to darken those pesky greys.
Biotin and vitamins B-6 and B-12 are great ways to prevent gray hair from coming, or to slow its appearance. There aren't really any oils that you can take to darken hair that is already gray, though.

What is Benign Essential Tremor

Benign essential tremor (ET) is a movement disorder most commonly characterized by shaking in the hands. It occurs in as much as 10% of people over the age of 60. It may also cause shaking of the head, voice, arms, and trunk, and less often, of the legs and feet. Two types of tremor are common with ET:

  • Postural tremor-shaking in certain positions only, such as with arms outstretched
  • Kinetic or action tremor-shaking that gets worse during activities, such as eating or shaving

In some cases, ET can be socially isolating. It may interfere with normal daily activities, such as writing or speaking. If so, contact your doctor for an evaluation.

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