Are there any other conditions that could be mistaken for rheumatoid arthritis?
My mom was hospitalized in January with pneumonia, upon her stay at the hospital she contracted a staph infection. Within a few weeks of leaving the hospital she began having pain all through her body. About a month later when she finally got into the doctor, they ran some tests and discovered that she has rheumatoid arthritis. It just seems strange that she never had symptoms prior to being at the hospital, and now she's hurting all over every day. I'm afraid that it could've been a misdiagnosis, as she is cared for by the VA and they missed my stepdads non hodgekins lymphoma (which thank god was caught at another hospital, thanks to his persistance ) I'm just curious if there are any other conditions that could have been overlooked, or If there are any treatments herbal remedies or anything she can try. I feel so bad for her cause shes active and can't do things that she wants to do. She also is experiencing anxiety attacks from the stress. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!
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rheumatoid arthritis is verified thru blood tests because there are specific protien markers that show up only when rheumatoid arthritis is present. The onset can be caused by illness, so what happened to your mom is not uncommon. It is an inflammatory process, so she could help herself somewhat by drinking alot of green tea, it has antioxidants that reduce the inflammatory response.
Could be tons of things: lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis for just a few examples.You know, all doctors miss things - it's not just the VA. It took a year-and-a-half to diagnosis the chronic illness I have. I've known people with lupus or MS where it took 5 years to get a diagnosis. It's unfortunately very common.
Well, to begin with, if she was diagnosed with one blood test, called a rheumatoid factor, then YES she most definitely could be mis-diagnosed. The rheumatoid factor blood screen has an extremely high rate of "false positive" tests. ?With rheumatoid arthritis, folks are generally stiff in their joints in the morning time and will oftentimes have "growths" on their bones or deformities that are easily seen on x-ray. I would most certainly take her to a different specialist, a non-VA rheumatologist. Take all the blood work and tests that have been done already. She may have developed fibromyalgia, or a thyroid condition, or a hormone imbalance, or other such thing. Rheumatoid arthritis is rarely an "overnight" condition where it just happens. It is progressive. Best of luck to you.
RA is not predictable. It is assumed it is genetic.. my mother and younger sister have it.. i have tested negative, but have early symptoms.. It can hit you late in life or catch you in your teens. After accidents or periods of illness, when your body and immune system is weakened is when flare-ups normally occur.There are lots of treatments.. my doctor said if i start getting achy and have take Double Strength: Glucosamine 500mg/Chondroitin 400mg. check with the doctor if she is on other meds and before starting anything new..
it sounds like fibromyalgia. some people say it doesnt exist but it definately does. i was diagnosed with it 7 months ago and it is VERY painful. it is chronic pain throughout ur body in ur muscles n is a problem wth ur nervous system that causes any pain to feel much worse than it should. i get it in my legs and back alot(hips, knees, ankles) and when it flares up n is really bad sometimes it actually feels like whatever hurts is broken and if its in my legs, i cant even walk. it started out of nowhere, i woke up from a nap, when to get up, as soon as i stood up i fell to the floor bc it felt like my ankle was broke. it also comes with very bad fatigue, i never feel like doing ne thing, i wanna sleep all the time and i have no energy. some people describe it as having the flu everyday. not many drs know much about it but i went to a rheumatologist n thats who really diagnosed me. they put me on pain meds(lorcet n ultram) n im on provigil for energy during the day to keep me awake and lyrica which is a nerve block medicine that is the only thing that has really helped with the pain that got me out of bed. i also use lidocaine patches which help with the pain, it tempoarily deadens the nerve so the nerve pain stops(u can use up to 3 patches a day and only keep them on for 13 hours at time).im also on zanaflex(muscle relaxer) at night. i would ONLY take it at night if she gets put on it, it is VERY strong, makes u VERY tired and dizzy, when i take it, if i stand up i black out sometimes and almost pass out. with fibromyalgia it also comes with problems sleeping so im on a sleeping pill too. and a lot of the times, fibro also causes IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) which causes stomach pains, cramping, diahrrea, constipation, nausea and sometimes vomiting. if you need to know anything else about it there are many websites u can search that explain about fbromyalgia, such as or if u need to know n e thing else, feel free to email me at good luck and i hope she feels better.

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