Why does my girlfriend get so mad at me so easy and so often?
Ok so I've been dating this girl now for about 8 months and we've gotten pretty serious. But here in the last month or so things have gotten a little rough. She has become very quick to get mad at me and blame me for things. Like for instance, earlier today I spilled some water on her clothes while goofing around in the bathroom. She was in the shower and threw water on me so I got a cup and filled it with water and threw some back... no huge deal. Well a little sloshed on her clothes. I saw it on her shirt by the sink and took it to the dryer for her. Well apparently it got on her shorts and the counter too which I didn't see or I would have dried the shorts as well and wiped up the water. She snaps at me claiming I was being a prick and it was a douche move for me to pour water on her clothes and I should have checked to see if had gotten anywhere else and on top of it she started claiming she shouldn't have to clean up after me meaning whatever had gotten on the counter. My next mistake was I tried to explain had I of seen it on her shorts and the counter I would have dried them and wiped it up like I did her shirt but I've noticed with this recent development that attempting to explain myself in any way is a bad idea. I usually get a response like I'm just trying to fight, turn my brain on and think, use common sense or I'm flat out just being an a**. Now this isn't the first time this has happened, just the first time like this. There's been other occurances where if I forget something or slip on anything that she snaps on me and for what reason I don't know why such hostility is necessary. And what gets me is I bend over backwards trying to make her happy and give her a hand being a single parent even though I work a 2ed shift job from 4pm to 230am. I know I'm not perfect and I screw up like anyone else but why do I have to catch hell and be blamed when I'm trying my best here.
Posted 3 years ago in Other by Anonymous


The problem is you fight back. Let your girlfriend yell every once and awhile. Maybe ask her if everything is okay or if she's stressed.
U seem like a really nice guy. I wood end if with her if I were u. U deserve way better. But first try talking to her about. See what she says. And she might be just annoyed at u because of her period? Or she might fancy somebody else, so she's seeing all of ur little faults.
She is a bully, and probably seeing someone else, so her guilt is being taken out on you, just ignore her and start looking around for her replacement, then dump her before she does it to you.

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