will lyme's disease kill my dog?
My dog is almost 2 years old and she got lyme's disease around july. we treated her after 2 tests confirming positive, and she showed no signs of the disease at all her whole life. she is a mutt, my best guess is a terrier retriever mix. she is rather small but has a deep chest. she weighs about 35-40 pounds but she ISN'T fat. her waist is super slim, and it always has been.these are just a few facts in case any of you are vets. when ever someone jokes about lymes's disease or tells a story where it kills a dog, i cry. I cant let my dog die an early life or hav arthritis or anything because i couldn't find a tick on her. if she does, i would like to be somewhat prepared. Will she have effects later in her life? will anything happen to her now? will she need to get treated again? heck, im crying rite now thinking about it... :(
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No but death will.
It not deadly it can only give u awful arthritis (joint pain) I know cuz I had Lyme disease for months b4 we noticed and I'm ok...and I still don't have arthritis so it ok don't worry

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