Can stress/anxiety cause your blood sugar to rise if you are NOT diabetic?
I was told that my fasting blood sugar was 104. The doctor didn't seem to concerned, but I do know that it is out of the reference range. I am age 27, active, healthy eater, and at a healthy weight. I am not diabetic. My parents do not have it either. Whenever I go to the lab to have blood drawn, I am normally VERY nervous. I do feel that "fight or flight" feeling. I am wondering if that could be the case of having slightly higher blood sugar than normal. Could this mean that I am at risk for type II diabetes later in life? If so, how much later? Is it true that the fasting blood sugar is the last one to go? I have not had a glucose tolerance test or an A1C done, nor did the doctor think it was needed. My fasting blood sugar from 2 years ago was 101. My triglycerides were 76, so well within the ref. range. This means I don't have any insulin resistance.
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the FBGL seems normal,just a little bit high. the normal one shuld be less than 100, 100~125 can be pre-diabetes, and more than 126 is diagnosed as diabetes. but pre-diabetes can be controlled if you have proper exercise and diet.
You need to to have a HA1c (hemoglobin A1c) test done. This will tell you that you do, indeed, have diabetes. A normal fasting blood sugar should be 85 to 90 and no more. Take care of yourself. The damage done by type 2 diabetes is overwhelming.

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Type 1 diabetes usually begins in children and young adults. Over the long-term, if type 1 diabetes is not adequately treated, high blood sugar levels can damage the blood vessels, heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and other tissues or organs.

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