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Boomer Couple Doing Yoga
Free Relationship Advice Of course its only human to get irritated especially if youve been married for a long time. According to a Hofstra University study, most of us report feeling some degree of pique at least a few times a week and when its focused and directed it can be positive. Healthy rancor can mobilize you to take action, set limits to the demands others make,...Read more

Relationship Questions

Can You Die of a Broken Heart? The idea that a loved one can "die of a broken heart" has been the staple of countless songs and sonnets. Now scientists have come a step closer to saying it may just be true. A study shows that if a spouse is admitted to hospital with a serious illness, the risk of death rises for the husband or wife. And if the spouse goes on to die, th...Read more

Relationship Education

Why Opposites Attract Opposites attract, runs the old adage.Now scientists claim to have found out why.A study has shown that women are programmed to seek out men whose immune systems are unlike their own.The greater the difference there is in the genes which are key to the immune system, the more likely a woman will stay faithful.But if the genes are very similar, a wo...Read more

Relationship How-To's

Romantic flowers
How To Be Romantic Are Boomer women the last witnesses of the Romantic Generation? Many of us had parents with real love stories. Our mothers worked and waited while our fathers were in the service. My parents wrote daily letters to each other for the four years my dad was stationed at a base and then sent overseas. They teased, flirted, and planned for the future. A...Read more

Relationship Tips

6 Tips to Work Successfully with Your Spouse Working with your spouse ... depending on how you look at it, it's either the greatest thing you could imagine or the worst thing that could ever happen to your relationship. The truth is, how you handle working with your spouse can determine whether it's a wonderful way to make your marriage stronger or a fast track to divorce. In this article...Read more


Broken Heart
Healing Your Broken Heart No matter what age we are, as long as were alive and in love, theres always a chance our heart will break. Whats the best cure? Turns out the answer, is also an old adage -- Time. Falling in love again soon, on the other hand, wont heal the heart. On the contrary, it might just get in the way of the mending process. Recent studies show that at the ...Read more
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