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How to Find a Retirement Expert Question Dear Dr. Don, I am looking for a retirement adviser who is excellent and not tied to a product. I lost my pension with a bankrupt company and, sadly, a large sum of money in the dot-com days. Are there real experts to be found somewhere? With all the information available to people these days, what benefit is there in having a financial pl...Read more

Early Retirement

Early Retirement Considerations Q: I recently received an early retirement offer from my company. What should I consider before taking early retirement?A: It may seem like you've been handed a golden ticket to retire early, but have you thought about whether you can afford it?If you are younger than 65, you'll need to consider the high cost of health insurance until you qualif...Read more

Retirement Locations

Best Places to Retire in the US The time has finally come! Say goodbye to that 9-5 and hello to the rest of your life! Retirement is a huge transition for anyone who has dedicated the last 30-40 years of her life to her job. But now its all about you. The golden years. And almost as important as how you spend your new free time, is where you decide to spend it. With that i...Read more

Retirement How-To's

How to Prepare for Retirement Investing during retirement is entirely different than investing for retirement. As such, different strategies are required for the accumulation and distribution phases. During the accumulation phase it may be appropriate to take moderate risks in return for the prospects of higher returns. A young person with a very long time horizon until retire...Read more

Retirement Tips

Tips on Finding a Home for Retirement It's not too early to begin thinking about where you want to live whenyou retire. More than 500,000 people travel from their home states eachyear to scout retirement homes. BestRetirement Spots offers tips to help you begin the process,and recommends locations that top specific categories. Among the variables to consider are climate, employment, he...Read more

Retirement Questions

How Much Is 'Enough' for Retirement? When it comes to retirement, no nest egg is ever too big.But with an economic crisis draining the life from 401(k)s, IRAs and pension plans, a lot of people are asking themselves if they can still afford to retire early, on time or at all.Individuals "can still set any goal they want," says author and economist Ben Stein. "The questi...Read more

Social Security

Social Security couple
How Income Figures in Social Security Question Dear Dr. Don, Is it better to retire at 62 from a high-paying job ($100,000-plus), or take a lower-paying, less stressful job ($40,000) at age 60 and start Social Security later? -- Debbye Downtime Answer Dear Debbye, If you start drawing Social Security benefits at age 62 you'll receive between 25 percent and 30 percent less (depending on...Read more
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