10 Part Time Jobs for Retirees

  • 10 part-time jobs for retirees If you're at or near retirement, you may find that a part-time or occasional job would make a big difference to your budget.

    Beyond paper routes and baby-sitting, how can you make a few extra bucks on the side? Here are some good options you might not have considered.

  • Consult or Freelance Many consulting companies need people to come in on a project basis, says Dick Dawson, vice president of CareerCurve, who coaches many workers over age 55. "Explore the company -- write to the person who heads up the unit you would want to work in." Other organizations, especially those that are downsizing, look for freelancers to fill gaps in their staff. Try online bidding sites, like PeoplePerHour.com, to find this kind of work.
  • Do the Same Job, Only Less Larry Schaffel, director of public relations for Magellan Development Group, says that he retired after selling his PR agency. Then, a former client offered him his current job on a two-day-a-week basis. "Impossible to say no," says Schaffel. Many professional jobs allow for a phased transition to retirement, in which you may work fewer hours each year over several years. Or, keep your former employer as a client and work part time.
  • Research for Businesses or Universities Career counselor Anne Headley knows a retiree who volunteered at the local university, which led to a part-time job. "Because he has lots of experience in researching, delving through records to answer questions, he came to the attention of the archivist." Also needed are researchers who can help scholars find the studies or do the data collection they need to complete their research projects. Let departments related to your area of expertise know you're available.
  • Go to the Government

    Age discrimination is less likely in government jobs, says Dawson. Government agencies have seasonal and part-time work.

    Visit usajobs.gov to start. You may also find appropriate work in state, county and city governments.

  • Think Seasonal

    Retailers need part-time workers during the holiday season, says Dawson. The key to making this kind of work satisfying? "Don't think of Wal-Mart only," he says. "There may be other fun things to get into. For example, if you're interested in organic food, try Whole Foods.

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