Boomers Must Match Resources with Retirement Dreams

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    Back then, Bob Dylan told boomers the answer was "blowin' in the wind."

    Fortunately, when it comes to retirement planning, you don't have to pull the answer out of thin air. The solution is simple: Start early. Not the retirement -- the saving for it. "You need to start saving for your retirement very early -- earlier than when many pay attention to it, says Sally Hurme, a senior project manager at AARP.

    The good news is that Americans are saving more these days. The national savings rate is about 6 percent, compared to 1 percent in 2005, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The bad news? Boomers' parents were saving over 10 percent in the '70s. Some experts suggest today's retirees-to-be should sock away 15 percent.

    Sound tough? Here are two ways to motivate yourself. One, take advantage of any employer-sponsored plan, like a 401(k), which usually has a match of free money. Two, plan a specific post-retirement adventure you want to have; it will make you more likely to save up for it.


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