Yes, You Can Love Being Retired

  • Do What You Want Start projects you can do on an on-going basis, from developing a hobby that really engrosses you to perhaps, training for a new career. Think about what makes you happy. This is not a bucket list – this is living to the fullest!
  • Keep your mind active. Use it or lose it is true when it comes to the brain. Join in stimulating activities like doing the daily crossword puzzle, joining a book group or taking a continuing education course including learning a new language. Check with your local colleges to see if they offer adult education classes. Or, take a course on-line.
  • Lend A Hand Studies show volunteering brings on deep inner bliss. From volunteering in an after-school program, working at the library or a museum, to being a hospital helper – there are hundreds of opportunities.
  • Have A Good Social Network The strength of a social network is a strong indicator of post-retirement happiness. Join groups of like-minded people, and keep up your connection with long-time friends and relatives.