The Power of Lemon

A longtime beauty basic that often appears in beauty products in the form of an extract or oil, lemon gives an abundance of benefits such as controlling excess oil, reducing the appearance of dark spots on the skin and naturally lightening the hair.

As with many citrus oils, lemon stimulates the body and mind and helps revive the senses. A common ingredient in many spa treatments, lemons possess a variety of therapeutic and beautifying properties for the skin.

Aside from alleviating mental stress, lemon can help reduce physical stress such as muscle aches, tension and pain, especially when used in massage. Lemon oil helps stimulate the body's immune system.

  • Condition Hair: Portico Verbena Conditioner leaves hair soft, shiny, manageable and smelling fresh, thanks to a blend of verbena, vitamins B and E, marshmallow, chamomile and birch bark. $14;
  • Freshen Breath: GoSmile Lemonade Smile whitens teeth and is packed with essential oils of lemon for a sweet, uplifting taste and naturally derived hydrated silica to eliminate surface stains. A portion of the profits goes to Autism Speaks, so you're brushing for a good cause. $16;
  • Firm Up and Mattify: Revitalize and tighten skin with Awake Lotion Refresher, an alcohol-free toner that helps increase the skin's ability to retain moisture. Lemon, ivy and burdock extracts minimize the appearance of pores and help keep oil production under control. $30;
  • Brightening Body Wash: Get your skin in gear with the superfoaming, ultra moisturizing C.O. Bigelow Lemon Cream Body Wash, which also contains lemon extract to brighten skin tone. $16;
  • Skin Cleanser: Lauded for its ability to restore the skin's pH levels, lemon has been used for hundreds of years as a natural remedy for oily skin and acne. Sundari Lemon Cleanser for Oily Skin uses lemon and willow extract to remove pore-clogging impurities such as dirt, oil, makeup and dead skin cells, which can contribute to blemishes. $30;
  • Control Odor and Wetness: L'Occitane Purifying Deodorant is a quick-drying gel deodorant enhanced with essential oils of lemon, cardamom and eucalyptus. This powerful blend is said to purge toxins and impurities from the body while fighting odor and keeping skin dry. $15;
  • For Hands and Feet: Soften hard, rugged cuticles with Carol's Daughter Lemon and Jojoba Cuticle Oil. Pre-manicure, this extremely hydrating and nourishing oil can be massaged into cuticles, or add it to warm water for a relaxing foot soak. $8;
  • Bring the Spa Home: Try transforming an ordinary bath into a bubbling, effervescent treat that soothes the body and soul with Fresh Lemon Sugarbath Cubes. These delectable lemon-scented cubes calm and comfort the senses while bicarbonate of soda gently exfoliates dull, dry skin and avocado and wheat germ oil moisturize and nourish. $32;
  • Can Lemons Prevent Skin Cancer? A recent study conducted by the University of Arizona found that the rinds of vitamin-rich lemons (and limes) contain a phytochemical, called d-limonene that, when consumed on a weekly basis, can reduce the risk of squamous cell skin cancer. The best way to incorporate the tart fruit into your diet is to grate the peel and use it as a topping, or make lemonade with the entire fruit, including the skin, not just the pulp.

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