10 Steps To A Sizzling Sex Life

10 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

When it comes to making love, you probably think you’ve done it all, tried it all, there’s no position or technique you haven’t attempted. Not so fast! Here’s ten new things to do to get more out of your sex life. Try one, or try them all. What’s cool is there’s no wrong way to do them.

1. Do your Kegels. Your pelvic floor is made up of a series of muscles attached to the pelvic bone which act like a sling or a hammock to hold in your pelvic organs. After pregnancy and childbirth, these muscles can become stretched out of shape, resulting in urinary incontinence, and decreased sexual sensation for you and him. Kegel exercises are recommended by doctors to build those muscles back up. How to do them? The simplest way is to place a finger in your vagina and squeeze. When you feel pressure around your finger, you are using the correct muscle. 

2. Try a new position. We all get in sexual ruts. You don’t have to be an acrobat or an athlete. A new position puts pressure on slightly different body parts, plus offers new visual perspectives. 

3. Vocalize. When you emote, you become more aroused, less inhibited. 

4. Introduce your partner to a sex toy. Even if you both think it’s silly, it’ll give you something new to talk about. 

5. Exchange fantasies. Even if your fantasy is just a fairy tale and you’re completely making it up, a naughty bedtime story relayed aloud is  stimulating.   6. Put more emphasis on foreplay and less on intercourse. Women have always known they benefit from extended foreplay, but most younger men are in a rush to get to the main course. One benefit of aging is that we can all slow down. Take more time to smell the roses….and every other part.  7. Tell your partner what you most enjoy. Your partner wants to please you so give him or her positive feedback. Your audible sounds of appreciation are also an aphrodisiac! 8. Self-pleasure. Masturbation, touching yourself, stimulating yourself to orgasm aren’t just beneficial to you when you’re alone, but they also improve your performance with a partner. How so? Because a well-oiled machine runs better and is more responsive.  9. Think about sex more often. Sexy thoughts beget more sex. When sex is more often on your mind, you have sex more often. 10. Get more sleep. A well-rested person is a more sexually able person and a person who is more interested in having sex. When you're tired, you're cranky and exhausted and more likely to focus on aches and pains - i.e. reasons not to have sex. Good sex also has the benefit of making us sleep afterwards and more likely to get in a good night's sleep (or an afternoon nap).  How important do you think sex is to a relationship? Join the discussion about this topic in our forums.
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