23 Ways to Lift Your Libido

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1. Make him a cup of tea. Damiana tea contains a South American herb that will stimulate his nether regions. Dr. Sarah Brewer, alternative health expert and author of "Increase Your Sex Drive in 12 Weeks" (Thorsons/Element, 1999), explains, "The active ingredient is gonzalitosin, which induces a feeling of mild euphoria and a tingling sensation in the penis. It also helps alleviate depression, which can often cause a dip in sex drive." Quick, put the kettle on!

2. Feast on figs. A favorite aphrodisiac with the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, figs are said to build up sexual stamina due to their high amino acid content.

3. Ditch cleansing wipes. "I bet when you first got together with your man you made love with your make-up on." says Val Sampson, author of "How to Have Great Sex for The Rest of Your Life" (Piatkus, 2006).

"After a while this gets replaced with taking all your makeup off, brushing your hair and slipping into your nightgrown. Try to initiate sex when you're still dolled up. It will rekindle those exciting first-time feelings." And the more gorgeous you feel, the more confident and relaxed you'll be.

4. Draw the curtains. And have sex in the afternoon. "That's when your sex hormones are at their highest," says Val. "Pop the kids in front of a video, or better still, pack them off to your parents' or a friend's house for the afternoon, and get down to it."

5. Bake some buns. According to scientists, the most arousing smell for men is cinnamon buns. In a study at The Smell & Taste Research Foundation in Chicago, scientists tested more than 200 smells to find out which ones aroused men the most -- and cinnamon won. "We discovered that smelling cinnamon increased the flow of blood to the penis, helping him stay aroused," says study leader Dr. Alan Hirsch.

6. Switch ends. "Have sex at the opposite end of the bed," says Tracey Cox, TV sex expert and author of "Quickies" (Dorling Kindersley, 2006). "It's the lazy woman's guide to pepping up her sex life. It feels a bit different, a bit more exciting, but you haven't got to fork out on a hotel. Just move your pillows down to the other end of the bed."

7. Make it quick. "Don't beat yourself up if your sex life just consists of 1 1/2-minute quickies before the kids wake up," says Tracey. "Sex doesn't always have to last for 45 minutes and end with two orgasms. If that's what you aim for, you'll never find time so you'll go without altogether. "Just a two-minute fumble a week, with intercourse or not, will keep libidos fired up better than one long session every two months."

8. Get some garlic. It contains allicin, an active ingredient that increases blood flow to both your sexual organs, resulting in a stronger erection and better orgasms. Buy a bulb a week, crush it up, and throw it into your meatballs and stir-fries.

9. Go out. A University of California study discovered that an hour in the sunshine can rev up a man's libido boosting testosterone levels by up to 69 percent.

10. Avoid sex. "Make a pact on a Thursday not to have sex until the end of the weekend," says sex and relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam. "Not being able to have something makes us want it more. In the meantime, do lots of kissing and cuddling to get in the mood. By Sunday, you'll be dying to rip each other's clothes off."

11. Turn the TV off. Couples who have a TV in their bedroom make love half as often as those who keep it a TV-free zone, says a new study. Susan Quilliam says: "Unless you're watching a saucy film, a TV in the bedroom will distract you both, disrupt your sleep, and make you less likely to want sex."

12. Ditch the pics. "As sweet as they may be, keeping pictures of your children next to your bedside table won't do your love life any favors," says sex therapist Dr. Lori Boul. "Keep the area around your bed for just the two of you, and leave the pictures of your kids and mother-in-law for the living room."

13. Hold hands. "Touch each other all the time to release bonding hormones," says Dr. Lori. "The touching doesn't have to be sexual -- simply hold hands, snuggle on the sofa, or stroke his shoulders as you walk past him ..."14. Have a coffee. Whoever came up with the pickup line, "Can I buy you a coffee?" was onto something. Turns out that a mug of something hot really will get you going. Scientists from Southwestern University, Texas, have discovered that coffee boosts the female libido. You have to be an occasional drinker to feel the benefits so, for best results, ditch your six-cups-a-day habit.15. Give good text. "Text your partner three times a day," says sex counselor Ruth Hallam-Jones. "Be flirty and tell them exactly what it is you like about them. It'll boost their day -- and libido."16. Rent a movie. No, not that sort of movie -- a scary one! "Sit next to each other and watch a frightening film together," says Relate counsellor Christine Northam. "It'll raise your man's testosterone levels, and he'll want to protect you, plus clinging on to each other during the hair-raising moments will bring you physically closer."17. Buy trainers. Thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise can help to increase sex drive, say researchers. It's not just the extra energy that will help get you in the mood; if you feel more confident about your body, you'll also feel sexier.
18. Eat chocolate. Ditch white or milk chocolate in favor of a rich, dark bar with at least 70 percent cocoa solids. Cocoa contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that boosts arousal and enhances your mood.Lovers' Boost in a Bottle Stick these on your shopping list to spice up your sex life:19. St. John's Wort. We all know that this herb is famous for lifting a low mood, but did you know it can also do wonders for a flagging libido? Studies have shown it helped 60 percent of people with mild depression to get back their interest in sex.20. Korean gingseng. This has been used as a libido lifter for more than 7,000 years. As well as improving blood flow to the genitals, it also stimulates your mental and physical energy, so it's good for people with stress-related low libidos.21. Ginkgo biloba. Boosts blood flow enough to help maintain an erection. A Journal of Sex Education and Therapy study involving impotent men showed that taking ginkgo had a beneficial effect after six weeks, and within six months, half of the participants got their erections back.22. Vibrance cream. A brand new cream can boost a woman's flagging libido within minutes. During trials, 50 percent of women felt a response within five minutes and the effects lasted between 30 and 45 minutes.23. Zestra Feminine Arousal Fluid. In a small study, this oil was found to increase desire and arousal in women when applied during foreplay.Source: Daily Mirror. Powered by Yellowbrix.
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