5 New Sex Positions You Should Be Trying

Excerpted from Redbooks 500 Sex Tips by Judy Dutton, these five sex positions ensure that youand your partnerwill be feeling a whole lot of new sensations with just a few simple maneuvers.


No, this isnt a variation of doggy style. Invented by sexual researcher Edward Eichel, the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) gives women in the missionary position enough clitoral contact to achieve orgasm.

Simply tell your partner to slide his torso up two or three inches, so his pubic bone is rocking against your clitoris at all times.

The added clitoral stimulation is scientifically proven to up your enjoyment level, Dutton says.

The Golden Gate

For another twist on missionary, lift your legs and drape them over his shoulders, so your calves are on either side of his head.

Thrusting is effortless for him in this position, Dutton says, so prepare for a wild ride!

The Reverse Cowgirl

Have your partner lie on his back, spin so youre facing his feet and straddle him with your knees on either side of his hips.

Not only will this position give him a tantalizing view of your backside, itll also stimulate your G-spot.

"The new angle of him inside you can create a whole host of sweet new sensations," Dutton says.

The Kissing Goldfish

Spooning isnt the only way to make love side-by-side.

Sideways sex can also be done face-to-facejust lift your leg and let him slide in. Although his movement will be limited to only grinding, the contact will give direct stimulation to your clitoris. Bonus for romantics: Dutton says this position is perfect for kissing and gazing into each others eyes. The Leaning Tower of Pisa Warning: not for the faint at heart, nor the fitness-challenged. Dutton describes this position, also known as the Pile Diver, as follows: Your guy kneels, grabs your legs and hoists them up onto his shoulders, then enters you while you're practically doing a headstand below. Although a neck ache is certain after a period of time, Dutton says the mutual rush of excitement will be worth it.
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