Bedroom Acts That Will Drive Your Husband Wild!

The ancient erotic texts from the Middle East and parts of Asia taught that the sexual arts were equal to those of science, higher thought and medicine. These texts, which included the Kama Sutra, Tantric teachings, the Ananga Ranga and the Ishimpo, gave detailed descriptions and it was suggested that knowing these arts put one at an advantage in life. Here are a few suggestions from these teachings that will expand your sexual repertoire -- for you pleasure and your partner's.

1. Take control! Plan an erotic evening at home that includes dancing or stripping for your partner, something exotic to wear, music, candlelight, two new positions to try and a lot of laughter. Don't even worry about looking silly.

2. Devise a plan to take him higher! Organize a plan to train your man in ejaculation mastery. This is easy and fun. Tell him it's a three-week plan that will lead him on a path to self-development and fuller pleasure. In the first week, you'll devote three evenings to pleasuring him with your hands. The next week you'll pleasure him with your mouth, and the third week will involve intercourse. In order to have him last longer, start and stop the action in a seductive yet gently controlling way. The results will be dramatic, and over the course of the three weeks, you'll both become exquisitely in tune with his body's responses.

3. Ask him to tell you his most intimate desires. What does he long for in his relationship with you? What has he wanted you to try? Ask him to be vulnerable. Remember that fantasies are just that and they don't necessarily have to be acted upon. This is a way to get him to talk openly with you.4. If you enjoy giving oral sex, take it to new heights. Bring some liqueur, a cold drink and some chocolate syrup or the equivalent to bed with you. Put these items by the bedside and, when you're ready, take a sip of the liqueur, swallow it, then offer him some -- maybe even deliver it through a kiss. Then take another sip, but don't swallow. Begin to give him oral sex with the liqueur in your mouth and see his reaction. It's very warming and sensuous. Then, a little later, try the cold drink, then the sweet syrup, then the cold drink again. Deliver these with an erotic tease and keep him guessing.5. Explore his P-Spot. The prostate gland is highly arousing and pleasurable for most men and it needs stimulation to stay healthy and happy. It can be accessed on the outside between his scrotum and his anus or from the inside with direct stimulation. If he is willing to try this, you should be, too. Get a latex glove and make it fun. You can even play nurse. Arouse him first before you try either of these spots. This'll send him over the top!6. Develop your PC Muscles. Do your Kegel sexercises every day for a few weeks, then try your pumped-up muscles on him. Not only will you be more aroused, but he'll also really feel the difference during intercourse!
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