Expert Advice Q&A: What Are the Best Body Parts to Kiss during Sex?

Question: Where on your body are the best places to be kissed? Do these places have anything to do with our erogenous zones?

Answer: You've noticed that you can't really tickle yourself, but when it comes to pleasure, you can touch your skin erotically and feel it. To see what I mean, run your hand very gently over your forearm, just lightly brushing the hair. And when someone else is touching you, that touch has the capacity to be an out-of-body experience. Indeed, the Tantric masters realized that life's experiences, including the physical, could expand consciousness.

Most people think of the genitals as the only erogenous zone. The truth is that the whole body is partial to touch. There are three different types of erogenous zones and they correspond to the number of nerve endings on the surface of the skin. The areas with the most nerve endings are also the ones with the least amount of hair on them. That's a clue to the hierarchy of the erogenous zones.

When you think of erogenous zones you think of the primary ones: the lips, genitals and nipples, which are all comprised of soft, mucous membrane tissues. These areas include the anus, penis, vaginal lips, and the inside of the first third of the vagina, which all have very few hair follicles and many nerves.

The secondary areas have a sparse amount of hair, and some of them are found in the regions next to the primary erogenous zones. The inner thighs, breasts and scrotum are some examples. Other areas would be the neck, ears, face, toes, underarms, and the backs of the knees and elbows.The third group of erogenous areas are those that are covered with hair. These would be your arms, legs, chest, head and so forth. You get the picture. These areas have fewer and more dispersed nerve endings. The ends of the hair follicles, down under the skin, actually help stimulate the nerve endings that are buried near them.Knowing that the lips are a primary erogenous zone, you can understand why humans love to kiss. They also love to have oral sex because it involves the meeting of two primary erogenous zones. Kissing is an intimate and tender act. Whether your lips touch the back of the neck, the eyelids, the hands or the feet, these are all erotic acts. No matter where you kiss or touch a lover though, it's the intention that really counts. A key ingredient to great touch is that the lips or hands that are giving the touch should feel just as good -- or better -- than the body part receiving the touch. In other words, the giver should be in pleasure along with the receiver. Think about this -- it's quite a concept. The next time you give pleasurable touch to a person, think about your fingertips -- they are erogenous zones, too. Are they enjoying themselves, and how could they be enjoying the experience even more?
Finally, your greatest erogenous zone is your brain. As humans, it's said that we use onlyten percent of its capacity. Get that brain engaged! Be conscious of the touch you give and receive. Most of us have a very hard time receiving touch. Life's experiences have taught us to shut down our feelings, not increase and improve upon them. This is one of the keys to improving orgasmic response.Train your body to handle receiving much more pleasure. As your capacity increases, you will begin to notice when the wind softly brushes your arm, the sheer beauty in an ordinary day, the gratitude in a smile, and that you're giving more loving touch than you used to. You'll become more conscious, moment to moment, by focusing on the touch you give and receive.Find the erotic Tantra products needed to connect with your date, and learn about Kama Sutra, Tantra and other sexual disciplines from Suzie Huemann at
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