Expert Advice: Too Much Lubrication

QUESTION: I have a problem. When my boyfriend and I engage in sexual intercourse, I have a tendency to have a lot of lubrication. I'm worried that my boyfriend can't enjoy himself because it's too wet for him to feel enough friction. I want to do something so he can enjoy sex as much as I do. I have no complaints when it comes to sex! Is there anything I can do to prevent myself from lubricating too much? I'll try absolutely anything.

ANSWER: Congratulations on being such a considerate partner and being concerned about your boyfriend's pleasure. While secreting lubrication during sexual arousal is normal and helps prepare your body to begin to have sexual intercourse, it sounds like you are having some difficulties.

The amount of vaginal secretions produced during sexual arousal varies among women. Most women complain about not secreting enough, although I have heard your complaint as well. There is no way to decrease the amount of fluid that your vagina naturally secretes when you are aroused. Most likely, you secrete more lubrication as you become more aroused. Thus, the only way to decrease your secretions is to decrease your levels of arousal -- this, of course, is not ideal when you are ready to engage in sexual activity. If you attempt to have intercourse when you are less aroused, there is a possibility that you will experience vaginal pain, vaginal tearing, or minor vaginal bleeding.

Try talking with your partner about this situation. Let him know of your concerns and see if he actually has a problem with friction during intercourse. It is very important to communicate about this issue so that you have a better understanding of his feelings. Remember, he may be just as satisfied as you are.

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