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What makes any Kama Sutra position Tantric? Consciousness. In that respect, the ordinary can be transformed into the extraordinary.

A wonderful place to begin is with the position known as Yab-Yum. According to Nik Douglas, author of Sexual Secrets (Inner Traditions, 1999), the Sanskrit word "Yab" means father, while "Yum" means mother. This corresponds to the Taoist "Yang" for male and "Yin" for female, as in Yin/Yang. Neither one of the partners should be on top of the other, either physically or metaphorically, for the primordial balance of the universe to be achieved.

In its classical form, the Yab-Yum involves the man sitting cross-legged on a firm surface with the woman seated facing him. Her legs are wrapped around him, with her feet meeting at his back.

They hold each other, not only for support, but also to call attention to the base of the spine and the heart center. Each partner's right hand is at the middle of the other's back, with their left hand at the base of the other's spine.

This brings the two very close together. The breath is shared, the eyes are open, soft and present, and the energy is upright versus horizontal. Gentle to active rocking and thrusting can take place, and the woman's G spot will experience a lot of friction.

A great variation on this position places the man sitting on the edge of the bed or on a hassock with his feet on the floor. This variation works well for those who are less supple or have bad lower backs, and for couples where the woman is larger than the man. It's easy on the back and legs and still has the potential of the classic posture. Another variation involves the woman leaning backward either slightly or all the way to the bed's surface. The man should lightly pull her hips toward his to keep contact. Both partners can also try leaning backward simultaneously. In any of these positions, try placing a firm pillow under the woman's buttocks to achieve the right angle and comfort level. In classical Kama Sutra pictures, you'll often see a beautiful crescent moon-shaped pillow under the woman's hips.
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