Full-Sized Lovin'

Dear Suzie,
I get discouraged when I read articles about tantric sex and its different positions. It seems as if it was all written for small-sized people. What about some positions that would suit a larger couple? -- P.

Dear P.,
A great variety of positions come to us from the well-known Kama Sutra, and an even greater number of subtle variations exist for each of the position categories. Each can be played with, added to and explored by any size couple.

The positions that might best suit you are the rear entry, modified Yab-Yum, woman on top and scissors forms. The key may be to have a lot of varied-sized pillows around the bed so that you are perfectly comfortable with some of these modifications.

Rear entry positions are unique in that the woman is facing away from her partner. This keeps your tummies from competing for space, gives both of you maximum leeway to move around, and provides excellent G-spot stimulation. I highly suggest that the woman holds a hand mirror so that the two of you can eye gaze while loving!

The modified Yab-Yum has the man sitting on a fairly firm surface with his legs out and slightly apart. His partner sits on him with a firm pillow under her rear to support her. As a variation, she can lean back slightly against a wall or headboard, which would increase the friction on her G-spot.

The woman-superior positions are also great for G-spot stimulation. If she stays upright and doesn't lean toward her partner too much, your tummies won't get in the way. I might suggest, if it doesn't seem to odd, hanging a bar or rod from the ceiling for the woman to hold on to during lovemaking to lift herself up. This creates easier thrusting and it's fun and a little titillating to consider! You can take it down when you're not using it. I don't have a name for the last "scissors" position but I think I'll call it the "Twinning Branches." Open up both of your hands, make the scissors shape with your first and second fingers on each hand and put them together to cut each other. This resulting shape is the position that the two of you should assume. It's comfortable and good for relaxing and resting in while loving. You may also want to consider a love swing. They're very comfortable and you can find them and learn more about Kama Sutra, tantra and other sexual disciplines from Suzie Huemann at Tantra.com.
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