How Do Men Define Great Sex?

As men age, they continue to place a high priority on sexual pleasure and performance. Similarly to women, they value their erotic lives and the emotional closeness of a relationship.

But what is it that men define as great sex?

As men mature their sexual needs change and they begin to appreciate some surprising things about sex.

The number one sexual need for men is to please their partner. The idea of pleasing you giving you an orgasm, watching you writhe in pleasure can make a man feel powerful and turned on. Studies show that men will give up their own orgasm in order to give you a mind blowing one. By teaching them how to please you, you give them the opportunity to fill their greatest need in bed.

Second, they really want to see that you are into it. Making noise; moaning softly and whispering how much you are enjoying sex shows men that they are on the right track. Men love when you allow yourself to give in to the pleasure of sex. Men desire a woman, not for a perfect body, but one who can experience and express pleasure during lovemaking.

Third; men want to feel desired. To feel wanted and desired makes a man feel like even if he doesnt always live up to your expectations, he is still desired. This goes a long way toward boosting his ego which may be strained throughout his work week. Knowing that you want him can heal him and make your love life a haven of pleasure for him.

Number four in how men define great sex is having novelty and adventure in the bedroom. All relationships reach some level of familiarity and boredom simply as a result of long term domesticity. In order to keep those home fires burning with passion relationships need new twists to familiar lovemaking favorites. Watching you dress up, doing a strip tease, or anything that adds spontaneity can turn every day sex into hot love making.Believe or not, number five in the hit parade of great sex for men is affection and sensuality. Using all the senses; smell, touch, taste and hearing can contribute to a hot sexual experience for a man. Adding scented candles, soft music, silk sheets or massage oils can contribute to a mans feeling of being overwhelmed by the erotic moment. This has traditionally been seen as a womans domain, but that is a myth. Men like and need sensual experiences too.Men define great sex in many of the ways that women do. Never underestimate communication as the way to connect over his needs and find ways to express his desires for you.About the Author:Tammy Nelson, PhD is a psychotherapist and author who conducts trainings, teleclasses, workshops and sessions for couples:
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