Q&A: How Can I Regain the Erections of My Youth?

Question: At age 54, I'm now in a relationship with a woman again after being alone for many years. I can still get erections, but not like I once did. How can I regain my previous erections?

Answer: Assuming you're in good health and there are no other problems, there's really not much you can do, but that's OK.

In our youth-obsessed culture, we're often led to believe that being like a 20-year-old is the best way to be. The reality is that all men will take longer to get an erection as they get older. The days of getting an instant hard on whenever you see a doorknob are probably over.

As men age, they require more direct stimulation, take longer to get an erection, and often don't have as firm erections. However, this lack of speed is actually not a shortcoming. Many men find, for example, that they have much better orgasm control as they get older.

Most importantly, having an instant erection is not synonymous with good sex. You've got a world of knowledge and experience now. Remember this when you're feeling a little insecure: Almost no 20-year-old can match a 50-year-old as a lover!

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