Q&A: My Wife Wants Me to Cross Dress

QUESTION: My wife wants to do role-reversal. She wants me to dress the part and take a female name. Is this normal? How far should I allow it to go?

ANSWER: Your wife's request is somewhat out of the ordinary, so it's not "normal" in the sense of "popular." But it's harmless, so it's not "abnormal" in the sense of "unhealthy or pathological."

Sex is adult play and she's told you how she wants to play. The question is: Are you game? Do you want to play her way or would you rather modify things a bit to suit you better? Or are you not interested in gender-bending?

If you're not sure, you might experiment with a female name and an article or two of women's clothing, and see how you like the result. If issues come up for you, feel free to set limits. Be clear on what you're willing and unwilling to try. Then, within your limits, let yourself go. Plenty of men dress in women's clothing -- perhaps you and your wife would like to rent the movie of "Tootsie," in which Dustin Hoffman plays a transvestite, or "Mrs. Doubtfire," in which Robin Williams does the same.

On the other hand, if cross-dressing and gender-bending play is not your cup of erotic tea, feel free to say so, and tell your wife that you no longer want to play that way.

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