Naughty And Nice Sex Toys

Sex Gifts For Him And Her

Sexy gifts are fun to give at the holidays, in no small part because the companies that make them go all out this time of year. That’s because a sexy gift makes a great stocking stuffer, no pun intended. But it’s true. There are masses of small, cute, sassy, fun (and inexpensive) adult toys and accessories out there that perfectly fit into a stocking. Just don’t spill them out in front of the whole family!

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. An orgasm-enhancing tool created specifically to increase female pleasure ,there’s definitely a vibrator out there with your name on it. Funnily enough, women frequently gift other women with vibrators as presents. Why? Because when you use a vibrator, you’re often alone, and many women feel that orgasm is part of a sisterhood and they want to help their single friend sisters. How to find the vibrator of your dreams? That can take some practice. Many women cite a brand called Natural Contours to be their favorite. Made and manufactured by a woman, these vibrators are safe, reliable, easy to clean and care for. Plus you can order on-line. It’s that easy.

Naughty novelties include any toy that isn’t specifically a vibrator. Naughty novelties include lubes, joy jells, flavored vaginal wipes, Ben-Wa balls, massage oils, warming jellies, blindfolds, things that can be used to tie your partner up. Think fuzzy handcuffs or long silky scarves. Naughty novelties are meant to incite play, playfulness being a positive action to take to shake things up in the bedroom. Men and women enjoy them alike, and even if you never use them, they’re a fun visual to leave on the night table as a hint about what’s to come.

Lingerie is a powerful sexual tool because both men and women love it. A gift of lingerie sends a sexy message. It suggests desire, but also a worshipfulness and reverence because the purpose of lingerie is to decorate the body. Lingerie sets a mood. Also the right bra will make your breasts look better in bed. No need to take it all off. Last but not least, consider a sexy gift for the shower. Sexy wipes are the latest thing couples can use together in the bathroom. Sold on adult sites (and even Spencer’s Gifts) as “Swipes,” these are personal hygiene towelettes to use to cleanse each other. Every body part looks and smells better when it’s clean, and just rubbing them over each other’s bodies is stimulating. The sexiest gift you can give someone is an erotic, romantic note. Your message should be direct but simple. Leave this kind of sexy gift under your partner’s pillow. It’s sure to be a gift that will be appreciated when the lights go out. Eve Marx is the author of eight sex books. Her titles include "What’s Your Sexual IQ?," "Flirtspeak: The Sexy Language of Flirtation," "The Goddess Orgasm," and "101 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex."
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