Sex Toys For Couples

There are hundreds, if not thousands of adult toys available for the purpose of enhancing pleasure, but how do you choose? If youre fortunate enough to live in or near an urban area where together you can cruise a sex shop, its a fun thing to do together as a pre-sex warm up. And unlike so many other shopping experiences, youll find the sales staff at most sex shops to be relaxed and knowledgeable. Failing that, the next best thing is shop online, where youll find a veritable virtual mall of retail enterprises devoted to enhancing human pleasure.

While there are hundreds of products, many of them do the same thing. Most couples are interested in the genre of toys which include vibrators, dildos, lubricants, massage tools, lingerie, and restraints. Even if you dont think youre a fan of S&M, many couples discover they enjoy a little playful bondage, especially if the restraints are made of soft materials such as silk scarves or velvet cuffs.
If youre ready to go shopping, you might enjoy the following items. Ive selected them because theyre all tried and true and have been available on the market for some time. Customer satisfaction with any sex toy product, however, cannot be guaranteed, as pleasure is so personal and whats a turn on to one person can be a turn off to someone else!
That said, check this out

A Rabbit Vibrator is a vibrating and rotating sex toy molded into the shape of a phallus with a clitoral stimulator attached to the shaft. The products name comes from the fact that it actually looks quite a bit like a pair of rabbit ears. But dont be put off by the silly name. The Rabbit is one of the worlds most popular vibrators and it is very easy to find. Its so accepted and mainstream in fact, you can order it from Amazon! How to use? Women can use it on themselves either to warm up or finish off, or, if she is feeling uninhibited, in front of her partner while he or she watches. Or he can use it on her. The options are endless. Just enjoy.The Perfect Boyfriend is a very pliable dildo made of medical grade silicone. Measuring 6 tall and with a diameter of 2, the proportions are nearly perfect for most womens taste. There is a 4 base that is flat, which makes the Perfect Boyfriend easy to hold on to or attach to a strap. This toy is very lifelike and fleshy and even has a nice scent. A man can use it on his woman either during foreplay or after he has ejaculated to finish her off, or as a credible substitute to penetrate her if the man has issues with erectile dysfunction.The latest thing in sex toys are glass dildoes. Yes, glass. Everyone loves them as they are made of medical grade Pyrex, are easy to clean, last forever, are hygienic, absorb no lotions or oils, and avoid all the allergy issues many people have either with silicone or latex. Also with glass dildoes you can get creative. They can be heated or chilled, and best of all, when youre not using them, you can leave them out. Theyre beautiful. Ornamental. And because they come in such a variety of shapes and colors, no one else need know what they are!
The Natural Contours vibrator was created by erotic film director Candida Royalle and she promises after years of research that her product is shaped for the perfect fit to a womans body. Natural Contours is small, discreet, quiet and powerful. It looks like a ladies shaver, which means you can travel with it and no one knows. The Petite model is especially small, which means it can be packed in a purse.Another variation on the vibrator is The Fukuoku 900, a specially designed vibrator meant to be worn over a finger. This means a man can use it on his partner during foreplay or intercourse specifically to stimulate her clitoris, or the woman can wear it on her own finger while she is being otherwise stimulated to further stimulate herself. Another nice thing about the Fukuoku is that its pretty and pink and doesnt look at all like a sex toy, and it works!Finally, when thinking about sex toys and accessories, all couples should remember the 3 Ls which are lubricants, lingerie and a library. Even if battery operated devices and Perfect Boyfriends are not your thing, you cant go wrong with beautiful underwear, a good internal-use lubricant, and a collection of sexy books. Reading a racy passage aloud in bed from a classic erotic novel is a wonderful, lo-tech way to kindle passion. Lady Chatterleys Lover, anyone?About the author: Eve Marx, M.A., is an award-winning journalist, columnist, and bona fide Sexpert. As an authority on sex, dating and relationship advice, she is a contributor to the magazines Cosmopolitan, Savvy Miss, Mens Health and iVillage
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