Take Hormones to Increase Sex Drive?

Q: In the past couple of years, my wife has had less of a desire for sex. We saw on TV this past week that this happens to 40 million women a year. Though my wife's hormone levels were normal, our doctor gave her some hormones to increase her sex drive. However, there's been no change. Shouldn't the extra hormones have increased her drive?

A: While I agree that many women experience a loss of desire, I seriously doubt it reaches 40 million a year. If that were the case, then it would leave no women with any desire within a few years!

In most cases, loss of desire occurs due to a drop in hormones. However, you state that your wife already had her hormones checked. Adding more hormones when the levels are already normal wouldn't make a difference. A similar situation occurs when men take testosterone despite normal levels in their blood. Simply put, when you're maxed out, you're maxed out.

One thing you didn't mention is whether your wife is menopausal. If so, it may be helpful to supplement estrogen with androgens since it's often the loss of androgens, not estrogen, that causes loss of desire.

So, the answer to your question is: No, the hormones wouldn't really be expected to increase her desire.

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