A Sex Technique Your Man Will Love

The Sex Technique Every Man Loves

The sex technique every man loves is not the one where you put a load of ice cubes in your mouth and perform fellatio. Nor is it the one where you scissor your legs so tightly around his middle that he can barely breathe. Remember how Kathleen Turner did that to Michael Douglas in “The War of the Roses” before he knew she was divorcing him? Wasn’t that some scene?

The sex technique every man adores is the one that makes her, not him, climax. And not just climax once, but over and over, multiple orgasm times.

What men want more than anything in bed is the ability to please their partner.  Men, especially middle-aged and older men, care more about this than anything else. Even with Viagra, they know their limits. They’re well aware their erection is not as hard or strong as it once was. They have fear of failure. They may have been making love with the same woman for decades and worry (with good reason) that what pleased her won’t please someone else they’re now involved with. By the time they hit middle age, most men are cued in that they’ve got a lot of competition in the bedroom, i.e. vibrators, Joni’s Butterfly, joy jells, even her own hand.

Many men, surprisingly, are unfamiliar with a woman’s most sensitive organ, her clitoris. They may not even know how to pronounce it! And no wonder they’re confused. Clits are tricky. The clitoris can be shy. It may have to be coaxed out to play. And then once it’s out, there’s the issue of what to do with it, not to mention hypersensitivity to the point of becoming painful.

The best way to teach a man how to entertain your clitoris is to show him a film featuring girl on girl sex. That’s right, a sex film. Porn. And why should you be showing him this? Because it’s sad but true, a film depicting two females making love is the best way to demonstrate to a man what women like. Viewing a film, your man will get to see exactly how the clitoris likes to be stimulated. He will get play by play instruction how to use his finger, fingers, his tongue. He will also learn a little more about female body parts and see how the labia and perineum might be tickled, teased, licked, and rubbed. And instead of you having to deliver a lecture how you’d like him to behave, your man gets the added pleasure of watching girl on girl sex. All men love porn, so you’re giving him an extra gift. Think of it from higher ground and stick to your story that you’re letting him watch it strictly for educational purposes. Pleasuring and satisfying his partner is the sex act your man will most enjoy. It makes him the master of your body, a title every man desires. Eve Marx is the author of 8 sex books. Her titles include "What's Your Sexual IQ?",  "Flirtspeak: The Sexy Language of Flirtation," "The Goddess Orgasm," and "101 Things You Didn't Know About Sex." She is married, is a mom, and lives in New York.
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