Give Your Guy A Sexy Gift

What He Really Wants For Christmas: Sex

Challenged by the idea of holiday gift giving for your significant other or spouse? You could hit the hardware store or Home Depot and get him a tool. Every guy likes tools, don’t they? But after years of giving sweaters and ties and whatever hot new gadget has just come out, don’t you want to make this Christmas special and give him something he really, really wants?

What most men want for Christmas is sex. Yes, sex. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or kinky, men just want more of it. Set the tone and let him know he isn’t going to have to beg. That alone is a big present!  Take the initiative by giving him a box to open of some sexy new lingerie. You can’t go wrong with a basic black bra and panty set, but isn’t it a little bit more festive for Christmas to introduce a lipstick red negligee?

Another thing you can give your man for Christmas that indicates he’ll be having sex is a sex toy or an erotic book that you can read together, something to share in bed. Some very sexy titles that will titillate you both include the classic erotic novels, “The Story of O,” “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” and anything from the myriad diaries of Anais Nin, the famous erotic writer and companion to Henry Miller. A tiny miniature edition published by Running Press called “Erotic: 3 Tales of Lust & Passion,” makes an enticing (and racy to read) package. It’s the stocking stuffer that packs a wallop and a very sexy read.

Last but not least, have sex like you really mean it. When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, there is a tendency, at least on the part of the woman, to not always be in the moment. Focus on pleasing each other and be an active, engaged partner. The sex you have on Christmas Day may not be the only gift you give him, but it will be the gift he remembers and appreciates the best. What your man really wants for Christmas is to know that you not only care about and love him, but that you still find him a sexy beast. Eve Marx is the author of eight sex books. Her titles include "Whats Your Sexual IQ?," "Flirtspeak: The Sexy Language of Flirtation," "The Goddess Orgasm," and "101 Things You Didnt Know About Sex."
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