Why Men Lose Their Sex Drive

Waning interest in sex is not as common for men as it is for women, although it does affect about 15% of the male population. Loss of libido generally isnt something that happens to men overnight. The loss is gradual, which unfortunately doesnt make it any easier to stomach.

Loss of libido isnt quite the same thing as ED or Erectile Dysfunction, although when a man experiences one problem, he often experiences the other.

ED, which is often referred to by its old name, impotence, is most commonly caused by a medical condition or by medications the man is taking for a medical condition. But ED and generalized loss of libido can also be caused by stress, the quality of the relationship with a partner, performance anxiety, and, interestingly enough, too much togetherness with a partner, or even the wrong kind of respect.

Whats the wrong kind of respect? When a man loves and respects his wife for her qualities as a mother (or grandmother), but stops thinking of her at all in terms of sex.

Whats the cure? After ruling out anything medical, the best approach to restoring a waning male libido is to banish boredom by changing things up. Odds are, if youve been with the same partner for a long time, youve established routines, and routines, while safe and predictable, can be deadly. Try making love someplace else like the kitchen, or travel, or check into a hotel room.

Also, men should focus on the whole body theirs, not just hers not only on erogenous zones. Absence, too, not only can make the heart grow fonder; it can also create anticipation and desire. Spend time with other more romantically-inclined couples; desire can be contagious. And dont be afraid to seek out the help of a specialist. There are many licensed sex therapists out there and they can be of help. About the author: Eve Marx has written eight books about sex including 101 Things You Should Know About Sex.
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