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Female Sexual Health

Female Sexual Dysfunction by Jacquelyn RudisEn Espaol (Spanish Version) DefinitionFemale sexual dysfunction refers to recurrent problems during any phase of the sexual response cycle (excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution) that causes distress or negatively affects your relationship with your partner. CausesThe following factors tend to be interconnected:...Read more

Male Sexual Health

Older Good Looking Man
Erectile Dysfunction Many men would like a stronger erection. Firm erections are one way that a man rates his sexual prowess. Unfortunately, many men harbor unrealistic sexual expectations and are thus prone to self-criticism. For example, a weakening erection is a natural consequence of aging. And it is normal for a man to have difficulty with his erection on occasion...Read more

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

How to Detect and Treat STDs by Anne Martinez Most people have only one thought when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases: It won't happen to me. But according to Planned Parenthood, one out of every four Americans will contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) during his or her lifetime. An STD (also called an STI or sexually transmitted i...Read more

Sexual Health Questions

Could You Be Allergic to Sex? by Charles Downey For two years, a 26-year-old woman suffered burning and swelling in and near her vagina for 15 minutes after making love. But she and her husband were puzzled because the symptoms went away if they used a condom. She finally went to her doctor, and what she learned there was startling. Most family physicians ...Read more


Depo-Provera: The Quarterly Contraceptive by Dori Stehlin The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Depo-Provera (manufactured by The Upjohn Co., Kalamazoo, MI) for contraception in October 1996. The active ingredient in Depo-Provera is a synthetic hormone similar to the natural hormone progesterone. "I was not happy with other methods," says Be...Read more

Sexual Prescriptions & Supplements

SexRx: Calcium Channel Blockers and Your Sex Life by Karen Schroeder, MS, RD Medications and Their Commonly Used Brand Names Medication Brand names amlodipine Norvasc bepridil Vascor diltiazem ...Read more


Intimate Couple
How to Improve Sexual Communication with Your Partner Not being honest about sex or not understanding your own sexual needs can significantly hinder your sex life and communication with your partner. As Cory Silverberg, an AASECT certified sex educator and researcher writes on his About Sexuality Blog, many couples fall into a trap of using communication short cuts. When you know another person very w...Read more
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