Nail, Hair & Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

The Simplicity of Skin Care   Most experts say skin condition is based on a simple formula. "About half of skin quality is genetic, and the other half is lifestyle and environmental factors," said Palos Verdes Peninsula [Ca.] cosmetologist Sandy Ormsby. "Healthy skin is beautiful skin. The goal, then, becomes to acquire healthy skin." B...Read more

Skin Food

Eat Yourself Gorgeous Can you really eat yourself gorgeous? Yes, you can! Everythingyou put in your body makes a difference -- and not just to your weight.By eating the right foods, you can have glossy hair, clear [up your]skin, reduce cellulite and get healthy nails. Here's our guide toeating beautiful.Cellulite Shopping List Mangoes Kiwis Cantaloupe melons Grapes Pine...Read more

Anti Wrinkles

Topical Anti-oxidants Reduce Wrinkles and Prevent Skin Aging By Kyle Roderick Eager to appeal to maximum numbers of youth- and beauty-conscious baby boomers, certain skin care companies are attempting to legitimize their anti-aging preparations by subjecting them to scientific research and/or promoting their medical and cosmetic use. Medical studies have shown that oxygen in the skin decreases with...Read more
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