10 Ways To Get Young Looking Hands

  • Moisturize Hands are one of the first parts of our bodies to age. Not only are they consistently exposed to sun, wind, chemicals and other elements, but we put them to work every day. In addition, because the skin on the back of our hands is thinner than on the rest of our bodies, it’s the most prone to ageing and damage. Luckily, there are ways to keep our hands looking young without spending hundreds of dollars. Here are 10 easy ways to naturally nourish your hands and keep them youthful: The skin on your hands is more apt to dryness than your face or anywhere else. To prevent chapping and to keep your hands soft, rub a thick hand cream or body butter into your hands daily. Keep a bottle in your purse, at your work desk and at home.
  • Exfoliate Rub your hands with a salt scrub every once in a while to remove any dry, dead cells. The process will reveal smooth, glowing skin that makes your hands look instantly younger.
  • Use Sunscreen To prevent age spots and wrinkles, don’t skimp on sunscreen! Put at least SPF 30 on your hands and body before you go out in the sun. And don’t forget to reapply when needed.
  • The Right Diet Certain vitamins can help improve your skin inside and out. Vitamin A helps to repair skin tissue while Vitamins C and E can help with sun damage. For optimal nail health, make sure you’re getting enough protein as well as calcium (1,500 mg a day) in your diet. Vitamin B has also been proven to help with nail thickness. Foods high in Omega-3 (most fish) help to tighten the skin, thus preventing wrinkles.
  • Stay Out Of Hot Water Continuous exposure to hot water can strip your hands of natural oils and be very tough on your skin. To prevent burning and dehydration to your skin, use lukewarm water when you can, and wear gloves when you’re dealing with scalding hot water.
  • Wear Gloves When the weather is cold, wearing gloves outside helps to prevent chapping of your skin. But just because winter is finally over doesn’t mean it’s time to put away all of your gloves. When you’re doing the dishes, cleaning with chemicals and detergents or working outside, it’s best to protect your hands from damage with latex or rubber gloves.
  • Splurge On A Salon Manicure Every once in a while, getting your cuticles cleaned up and softened professionally is worth the few extra bucks. Plus, when your nails are evened out and polished with a bright spring color, your hands will instantly look younger. The hand massage the manicurists give you is more than just relaxing—it encourages blood flow through your hands, which helps the skin glow and keep its elasticity.
  • Treat Your Hands Overnight Pamper your hands overnight by slipping them into a pair of moisturizing gloves. These special spa gloves absorb your lotion, or already contain oils, minerals and other ingredients to nourish your hands and help them retain moisture.
  • ‘Hand Yoga’ Everyday activities, from heavy lifting to something as small as typing, can really strain your hands. To prevent aches, arthritis and other stress injuries in the long run, warm up and stretch your hands every day. Hand grips help to develop strength and get rid of stress in your hands and forearms. Chinese stress-relief balls help with blood circulation and relieve tense muscles in your hands.
  • Check In With Your Dermatologist Regular checkups with your dermatologist are essential to skin health. If you notice any changes to spots, moles, the skin on your hands or anywhere else on your body, it’s important to see your doctor immediately.