Simple Steps To Make Skin Look Great

Easy, Low-Cost Skin Care That Works!

Your skin is your bodys biggest organit actually breathes in and absorbs whatever we put in and around it To keep your skin looking as smooth and healthy as it did in your twenties its important to prep it and take good care of it daily Here are ten tips to help you maintain ageless skin that glows

I started paying attention to my skin when I hit 50.  Before that, I would slap on whatever was around, used sunscreen only when I was at the beach, and figured “Oh well, I’ve already damaged it by spending countless hours in the sun, slathered with baby oil mixed with iodine, speeding up the damage by using a reflector.”

Hmmmm.  Smart.

It was when I got my first 10x mirror, which showed every wrinkle and dark spot on my face, that I finally made an appointment with Dr. Doris Day, who has been on every major TV show, in all the magazines, and is in high demand for her expertise on everything having to do with skin, from acne to skin cancer to the latest cosmetic procedures.

Here are Dr. Day’s recommendations for doing right by my--and your-- 50+ skin.

Makeup Remover: She still says Albolene cream, which can be bought in any drug or mass merchandise store, is the best. 

Sunscreen: No need to go crazy with SPF 100; that’s a marketing ploy.  But you should use at least 30 SPF, and preferably 50.  Her favorites are Neutrogena and COLORSCIENCE, which is a terrific product in the form of a powder. It comes in clear, or with a little hint of color, and best for the face.  But, the best sunscreen, Dr. Day says, is the one you use, i.e. it’s better to use the one you’ve already bought than to use none.

Moisturizer: You really don’t need to spend a lot of money on skin care, especially moisturizer. Neutrogena and Aveeno make great moisturizers with sunscreen to use every day. Add a little olive oil to the moisturizer if your skin is extra dry. Daytime Treatment: Two years ago, Dr. Day recommended a product that it helps to combat the signs of aging, evens skin tone, and builds collagen.  It’s probably the most effective antioxidant on the market — Revale Coffeeberry. Apply it every morning after you exfoliate, before your sunscreen. Nighttime Treatment: Dr. Day believes in the power of retinol, and highly recommends prescription-only Retin-A (or some version of it.)  There are excellent over-the-counter retinol products, but prescription-strength is better.  This should be applied at night, so it can work its magic while you sleep. Exfoliate: To help all these products work even better, you need to exfoliate the top layer of your skin every day.  You can use a washcloth with a little bit of white sugar, or an over-the-counter facial cleanser that specifically exfoliates. It’s that basic :  exfoliate, treat, moisturize and protect.  Your skin will glow. Barbara Hannah Grufferman is a writer, speaker and author of The Best of Everything After 50, which is available at
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