Parched Skin? Drench It With Home Remedies

Keep the worst of the winter effects at bay with a few simple and cheap measures you can do at home.

Solihull, England-based beauty therapist Becky Price provides her top tips for keeping your skin in tip top condition this winter.

"During the winter, your skin is uncomfortably dry and wrinkles look more evident with skin looking dull and sluggish," she says.

"The key at this time of year is circulation, because when it is cold, your body needs the blood circulating around the vital organs, which can mean that everywhere else looks tired and dull.

"Start with your hands and your feet, giving them a massage or just remembering to wiggle your toes. This will get the blood circulating and benefits everywhere. Your cheeks will have a bit more color and your eyes will brighten.

"To perk up the skin a bit more, make sure that you include some massage when you cleanse and moisturize your skin in the morning and night. Then rhythmically tap your face as this will increase the lymphatic flow and help detox.

"People tend to shy away from night creams, worrying they can be too much, but in the winter, this is just what you need."

Becky, who has worked as a therapist for more than 15 years and recently opened her own treatment center, says it is worth harnessing the benefits of essential oils at this time of year.

"Rosemary is really good as it is stimulating and warm," she says."Add it to a footbath as that will also help circulation or put a bowlby the fireside to freshen the air. But check that it is all right foryou to use it and there are no complications such as pregnancy."With a day cream, I would say look for anything which hasessential oil of rose in as it penetrates and soothes the skin. It isreally nourishing and while people can be wary of using it in thesummer, it is just what your skin needs during winter."You can also use it on hands to prevent chapping. This wouldbe much better than using a petroleum jelly or baby oil, as they act asa barrier but do not moisturize."Sluggish skin can also be livened up with exfoliating but, Becky says, this does not need to cost a fortune."Don't use a dry exfoliant, as that can be a bit harsh in thewinter, it is better to just add a [dime-sized amount] of sugar to yourmoisturizer. Rub it in and then wipe it off, and that will give youbetter hydration," says Becky. "You can do this with moisturizers forthe face, the body and for the hands."And remember to body brush in winter. You can buy a cheap body brush and, starting from the toes, use upward strokes."Source: Evening Mail (London). Powered by Yellowbrix.
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