Five Tips for Keeping Your Face Clean and Healthy

Whatever your skin type -- oily, dry, balanced or combination -- proper cleaning is the key to maintaining a good complexion. This is especially true when it comes to your face.

How often should a person wash the face? Once in the morning, once in the evening, and, if necessary, after exercising -- usually does the trick. If the face skin suffers from dryness, once a day should be enough. But more frequent cleanings may be required if face skin is oily or prone to acne.

Here are a few tips that can help keep your face clean and fresh.

  • Remove eye makeup with a soft sponge, cotton cloth, or cotton balls and moisturizing cream. This helps prevent damage to delicate tissue around the eyes.
  • Stick with lukewarm water when washing. Avoid hot water, which dries out the skin.
  • Skip a strong soap that doesn't contain moisturizer. It can strip oil from the skin and leave your skin dry.
  • Avoid washing products containing perfumes or dyes.
  • Forget using a washcloth, which can be abrasive on the skin. Use your hands to wash your face.

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