How to sleep with runny nose?
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You need to stop your runny nose, and hopefully you will be able to sleep. There are several ways to do that: If your nose is runny from allergies, then buy an OTC Antihistamine. They work well for runny noses caused by allergies. Try to buy the ones that don't make you drowsy, however.If it is caused by a cold or virus, purchase a cold medication over the counter. There are many adequate ones available. The medication should dry up the mucus and your nose will dry up, giving you some relief. It also might help to elevate your head with several pillows; this sometimes stops the annoying post nasal drip that accompanies a runny nose. Nasal Sprays should also help to reduce the swelling inside your nose and give you some relief. However, use nasal sprays only for a few days; if used longer, they could make things worse. A Humidifier in your room should also help, since it will put moisture into the air; this also helps to thin mucus.Finally, there is a home remedy that suggests you chew on a small piece of ginger root. This has been shown to increase circulation and reduce mucus also.

What is Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. The time period for which the breathing stops or decreases is usually less than a second to 30 seconds. When these episodes occur repeatedly, sleep apnea can seriously disrupt the quality of sleep.

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