Carmelo Anthony & Miami Heat
Is Carmelo Anthony going to join Dwayne Wade and Lebron James on the Miami Heat?
Posted 4 years ago in Staying Current by finickylori


i think his chance is 50 50. i think he can come because wade bosh and lebron . i think he cant come because he is a SF so is lebron, wade is a SG bosh is a PF and if we put carmelo as a sub then were crazy he is one of the best in this league
There is no possible way Carmelo will join the Heat. That would put them WAY over the luxury limit, and it conflicts with positioning. Lebron NOR Melo can play any other position. And Carmelo will NEVER be a sub (at least in this decade). He'll play the majority of the season with the Nuggets, and I think when it comes down to the trade deadline, the Nuggets will make a move to avoid getting nothing from his free agency. The chance is not 50/50. It's 0.
I think there is a 50 50 chance because they can put wade as point carmelo as shooting lebron as small F bosh as power F and shaq as center so everthing works fine but the last thing is melo is going to even join the heat if he does that will be the best team in NBA by FAR

there is no such thing that melo will go in miami..because the miami got bosh,james and wade, if he joinedthe 4 of them will fighting for the mvp

It's a slight possibility~ The rules of the game have changed...Players who want to win, who've already spent 6 years plus chasing a championship, are more or less willing to take less money...Also, it becomes more or less like a sophisticated pick up team as it relates to who will play where and how many touches or minutes a player is willing to accept~ Lakers~

The power expression of free angency has changed forever~ Ii's a new dawn~ Miami Heat is the new power flex of NBA players wheeling and dealing, not just for a championship, but also for multi-endorsement deals...The structure of the NBA draft could almost determine each team having at least 1 premier player...That monopoly is over...

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