Happy 50th Birthday, Mr. President

  • President Obama turns 50 today. As editors of the biggest website for Boomer women, we thought we’d welcome him to the 50’s and tell him some things to be ready for.

    Time Really Flies When You're Having Fun

    You start reminiscing. "Remember, guys, how terrific the campaign of 2008 was?"
  • I Haven't Seen You In Ages You start forgetting names, even of people you know. Like what’s-her-name—Hillary?
  • Are My Frown Lines Getting Deeper? ... You ask Michelle to ask Nancy Pelosi about Botox.
  • Why Don't You Cut Your Own Medicare, Boehner? Debates about health care start getting personal.
  • Of Course I'll Join Not only does AARP lobby you, they write you.
  • Does Grecian Formula Really Work? You start asking if Ronald Reagan actually did color his hair.
  • He Probably Has A Healthy Diet You start thinking that Harry Reid looks young for his age.
  • Didn't Anyone Train This Dog? Bo is too energetic.
  • One More Hook Shot And I'm Out Of Here Basketball hurts!
  • No, You Can't Go To The Lady Gaga Concert Sasha and Malia are teenagers. Need we say anything else?

    Do you think Obama Should Be Celebrating His Birthday?