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  • Woodstock changed the lives of so many people. Over three days in rural Upstate New York, hundreds of thousands of people participated in what has been voted one of the Moments That Changed the History of Rock and Roll according to Rolling Stone Magazine.

    The festival grew so large that thousands of people were turned away due to overcrowding. In this quiz, test your knowledge to see how much you know about this iconic concert that was the perfect cap to the 60s.

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  • In what city was Woodstock held in?

    Wallkill, NY
    Westchester, NY

    Bethel, NY

    Woodstock, NY
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  • The town of Woodstock lent its name to the concert to gain publicity but was actually held over 40 miles away in Bethel on a 600 acre dairy farm.

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  • How many Woodstock Festivals have happened in total?

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  • There have been several attempts to recapture the magic of the 1969 Woodstock, but none of them have come close. Events were held in '79, '89, '94, '99, and a concert tour to celebrate the 40th anniversary in 2009.

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  • How many people attended the original concert?



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  • In 1969, it was estimated that close to a half million people made their way from all over the country into Bethel, NY for the 3 day music festival.

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  • A documentary was filmed during the festival and went on to win an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. What is the name of that documentary?

    Taking Woodstock

    Woodstock: 3 Days in the Mud of Love

    3 Days of Peace and Love

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  • The documentary was filmed during the festival by a crew of about 100 people who were working on a double or nothing basis. This meant if the film was not successful, they couldnt be paid, but if it was successful, they would be paid double whatever their standard pay was. Famed movie director/producer Martin Scorsese worked as an editor of the film.

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  • What was the official name of the Woodstock Music Festival?

    An Aquarian Exposition
    A Wondrous Adventure
    3 Days of Peace, Music and Love
    Music for Greener Pastures
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  • The concert was organized with the mindset that it would host about 200,000 people. Tickets sold for $18 per day or $24 for all 3 days. Eventually, the organizers stopped charging people because too many people were showing up, so they were forced to let everyone else in for free.

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  • This famous rock and roller played his version of The Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock for the first time. His instrumental rock version has been imitated by a number of famous bands ever since, which artist is this?

    Bob Dylan
    Neil Young
    Jimi Hendrix
    Van Morrison
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  • Hendrix's long, distorted version of the national anthem was an abomination to some, and a generation-defining moment for others. The performance remains just as powerful if you were to watch it today.

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  • Which of the following acts did NOT play at Woodstock?

    The Beatles
    Bob Dylan
    The Doors
    All of the Above
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  • There were attempts to get all of those performers to play at the concert, but for various reasons, they declined. For example, the Beatles refused to play because the promoters would not let Yoko Onos band play. The Doors declined because they thought it would turn out to be just a second rate concert, they regretted their decision immediately after.

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  • This famous author of the Peanuts comic created the loveable bird Woodstock based on the 1969 concert, what is the name of this writer?

    John L. Goldwater
    Charles Schultz
    Bill Finger
    Stan Lee
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  • Schultz wrote the long-running Peanuts comic strip. He named Snoopy best friend, Woodstock, after the music festival.

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