6 Ways To Beat Post-Vacation Blues

Vacations—the experiences we create and the people we share them with—are priceless. The days of ease, freedom and playfulness transform your mind and relationships.

We all want to bring our vacations home with us, but it seems as soon as we get in the door, the demands of home and work begin to affect us. Soon the glow of our vacation is nothing but a distant memory and some photos in a book. So how can you extend the feelings, relaxation and ease of mind you achieve on vacation into your day-to-day? An Easy Gift To Help You Hang On To Happy Memories

1. Pay attention to your feelings.
A wonderful byproduct of vacations is the deepened intimacy we feel with those we love. Time away together inspires feelings of connection, deeper sexual attraction, increased patience and more love. One way to keep these good feelings flowing is to begin a brief, but regular practice of acknowledging the good that flows between you; even if only for moments at a time. It can be something as insignificant as a "thank you" for hanging up a wet towel or something more meaningful like writing a note that says "I so appreciate when you really hear me." By putting forth effort to stay connected to your intimate feelings, you encourage the bond to remain long after you have returned home.

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