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Is the latest fad diet safe? Is there a link between bariatric surgery and depression. Here we've got you covered on everything you need to know about losing weight and keeping it off.

Weight Loss Tips

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Effective Weight Loss Strategies Do you loathe your body at your current weight? Have you tried one diet after another and failed to lose weight or to keep weight off? Do you dread shopping for clothes because of the size you wear versus the size you want to buy? Stop hating yourself and being so critical.In her new book, The Self-Compassion Diet, Harvard Medical School-affiliate...Read more

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Supplements - Do They Work? A while back, we ran an article called The Most Popular Supplements: Do They Work? and got a great response from our readers.While that article focused on a variety of health supplements, we've been wanting to run an article that focuses entirely on Weight Loss Supplements.In doing our research on that article, we had to ask one simple question: Do...Read more

Weight Loss How-To

How to Lose Weight Easily Less really is more. Forget the drastic eating regimes (like only eating grapefruit) and obsessive calorie counting. Instead, just making tiny tweaks to your diet can make a big difference in terms of your weight loss.From reducing the amount of sugar you put in your tea to peeling the skin off cooked chicken, you could be losing weight and saving ...Read more

Weight Loss Diets

Calorie-Counting Diet (Calorie-Controlled Diet) by Maria Adams, MS, MPH, RD What Is a Calorie-Counting Diet?The premise of the calorie-counting, or calorie-controlled, diet is to stay within a target number of calories each day. Although this diet works well for some, most registered dietitians recommend a more individualized eating plan. Why Should I Follow a Calorie-Counting Diet...Read more

Weight Loss Questions

Is Weight Gain Genetic? Q: My kids battle a weight problem and although I think they eat pretty well, their father is tall and weighs 220 pounds. Could their weight be due to genetics? A: Yes, overweight does beget overweight. Children have an 80% chance of becoming overweight if both parents are overweight, a 40% chance if one parent is overweight, and only a 7% c...Read more
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