Mail Order Hormones

Perfecting the right dosage of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a critical matter for the health and well-being of many midlife women, and physicians have long known that saliva tests performed between days 20 and 23 of the menstrual cycle are the most reliable method for measuring hormone levels and assessing any imbalances. The advent of at-home saliva tests now allows women to work with their physicians to arrive at correct dosage levels more quickly and efficiently.

The at-home saliva tests makes pinpointing the correct hormone dosage a much easier matter, since it eliminates the need to coordinate the window of opportunity in a women's cycle with an appointment at the gynecologists office.

The at-home saliva tests are available by prescription only. Once you have filled the prescription, just mail a saliva sample (in a tube) to the lab specified on the package. Results will be returned both to the woman and her doctor in two weeks.

Source: Health & Wellness

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